Wired Mouse

Troubleshooting a Wired Mouse

Even though wired mice present a lot fewer problems compared to their wireless counterparts, they are not trouble-free. There is really only one major issue that comes up once-in-a-while for a wired mouse?aside from tangled wires?and that is very minor (latency) lag.

How to Fix Wired Mouse Latency (Lag)

In the overwhelming majority of cases where a wired mouse that has a lag is because of outdated drivers. If you are experiencing a lag in your mouse which was not there before, it is likely you can address the lag by updating the mouse drivers.

These issues arise when operating system updates interfere with the proper operation of old drivers, so a quick download of new drivers will most likely fix the problem.

In other very rare cases, an old mouse may have frayed wiring so the wired connection is not optimal and can result in jittery movement or noticeable lag. In such cases, the only reasonable solution is to invest in a new mouse.

Why Is My Wired Mouse Not Working?

The reliability of a wired mouse cannot be argued against (successfully), but there are times where even a wired mouse may stop working even without any hardware or software issues related to the mouse itself.

If your wired mouse has suddenly stopped working, the first (and probably only) fix that you need to apply is to try using a different USB port to plug in the mouse. Sometimes the hardware issue is with the computer itself and not the peripherals.

If it is the first time you are using your mouse, your computer may need to be updated with the relevant mouse driver. To find the right driver, do a search on Google for your mouse?s model number and add the word ?mouse driver? (i.e. ##### mouse driver). You can also go directly to the manufacturers website and do a similar search directly on their website.

Wired Mouse Cursor Moving On Its Own

Another rare case. If you own a wireless mouse, and the cursor starts moving on its own (without you manipulating the mouse) the problem could have two possible causes: